Tehu Satoru Cho | Xing Zhang
Designer, Programmer, Creative Director, Entrepreneur


Director / Chief Creative Officer
Kodansha Ltd.
Chief Technical & Creative Director of GENDAI Business
Life is Tech, Inc.
Creative Planner


Tehu (as known as Satoru Cho or Xing Zhang) is a creator, born in Kobe-city in 1995.

He started a creative activity as a creator after the iPhone hit application in 2009.

While covering a number of fields such as design and spatial presentation, his reputation has been well recognized due to a media personality for his own broadcasting program and an excellent speech skill in presentation.

After entrance into college, with the extension of activity fields such as being in charge of total direction for events/concerts, dealing with on social change by “UNLEARN” such as the participation of TEAMBOX Inc. as a board member Chief Creative Officer at the end of 2014.

From March 2015, pursuing a correct evolution for publisher’s media through concurrently working as an additional post of chief technical director for Web Media “GENDAI Business” of Kodansha Ltd. Furthermore, currently directing other several media digital strategies in the company as a technical director.


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If you have any requests or questions, contact us: tehu@tehu.me

Although he does not accept most of media requests currently (especially Japanese TV show), feel free to contact us because the decision will depend on the detail of your request.

You will get a reply from our staff within 3 business days.